Saturday, June 20, 2015

Our Last Goodbye - Part I

I'm writing this post to honor and reveal what actually happened to my late grandma who passed away on 25-5-2015. This is the least I can do as I still grieve over her death.

This is my appreciation message as posted on my Facebook account:

First and foremost, I would like to convey my gratitude towards people around me who text me with words of encouragement, people who came to the wake service to provide us the moral support that we need, people who sent us flowers and gave white gold. We truly appreciate it. 

Everyone was telling me that we should be thankful that she was able to live for more than 80 years, a little longer than most of the Silent Generation these days. But did you know she suffers before she leaves this world? She was an ordinary old woman with health problem but able to take care of herself. Eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom was not an issue to her. She took care of herself when my aunt who is single goes to work every day.

It all started about months ago when she fell down and fractured her legs. She was admitted to the ICU in one of the private hospitals in Penang. Besides having her diabetes problem, she was advised to undergo a surgery on her legs. According to the doctor, if we were to say no to the surgery, she will be bedridden forever. If yes, she will need months to recover besides needing to go for physiotherapy sessions. At the end of the day, we decided to let her undergo the surgery with her consent as well. So, the surgery went smoothly. All she needs was plenty of rest on the bed. With that being said, she then suffered from the bed sore. We sent her to a nursing home near the Penang Turf Club during the recovery period as all my relatives are working.

Little did we know that this is the most regretful decision we made. During the first week there, she was being well treated. The next two weeks, she was being ill-treated to the stage where the caretakers (the maid) did not feed her with food. Before I jump into any conclusion to make my readers misunderstand, my grandma did mistreat them by scolding them vulgar words and dirty the room. But does an old lady like her deserve to be left on the bed all the time with no food? When the nursing home representative followed my grandma to the private hospital for her check-up, she couldn’t give a definite answer on her condition when the doctor asked. Even the bed sore condition was getting worse. Come on, we paid the home around RM3, 000 per month without including additional charges for her necessities and her medical needs.

On the third week at the nursing home, her condition was getting worse.We had to re-admit her to the private hospital as she was lack of blood and lose a lot of water in her body. We were shocked to see how much weight she lose during that time frame. My uncles confronted the owner of the nursing home and she apologized. She is in-charge of the main branch near the General Hospital while her son is taking care of the second branch where my grandma used to stay.

You think an apology can make up to the damaged you’ve done to my family?
If you think is so difficult to take care of her, you can tell us straight to the face and we will look for another nursing home for her. My aunt even wants to resign from her job to take care of my grandma. Bear in mind she was a bed-ridden old lady who needs medical attention especially her diabetes and bed sore. How much damage can she do to your maids?

…………….. to be continued

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Gratitude doesn't exist anymore.
When you are no longer valuable, people will push you away.
They will only remember the burden you gave them,
not the wonderful things you had done for them or their family.

Lesson learnt.
Like it or not, money is the root of all evil.
People changed once they have the power and money.

We will wait and see.
I believe in karma.
What you do unto others will be done unto you.
Time will show you that we are at the mercy of God.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tough Working Life

It's been a month since i started working in the new company.
Everything is still so new to me.
And the fact that i have to start to "fly" without learning to "walk"
makes me regret my decision of resigning from J.

It was indeed a very tough decision to quit from J.
I was very happy there.
I have a "family" there who i can talk to about almost everything.
I have awesome colleagues who are in the same generation as me.
And people kept questioning me why i choose to leave since I am happy there.

The reason is simple.
"No headcount to convert you to a permanent employee"
This is the answer from my previous manager. 
So she sent me to another department and this is how i met new awesome colleagues.
I was happier to be in Purchasing Dept than Business Dept.
It took me some time to decide to start looking for new job and give up this.

On my last day there, my tears dropped as my family give me some advises.
They told me that they're sad that i have to leave but
they do want me to explore and learn more for my future.
They want to see me grow as an individual.
And my Mama Ong hugged me and cried too.
My Daddy Chong looked very sad as well.
It was a indeed a very touching moment and I feel so much love from them.

As i walked out the company,
both my parents stood at the lobby and waved goodbye.
I do not want to look back. 
It sounded so dramatic right?
I don't know about them but I really care about them from the bottom of my heart.

I believe timing is everything.
I entered the new company and I'm assigned to a project related to Aerospace.
And the manager just left this project and a new hire became the manager.
She came in one week earlier than me.
And there are a lot of things which are new to her as well.
Her expectations on me are too high.
I can hardly breath as she pushed me beyond my capabilities.
And my colleagues are too busy to guide me.
No proper learning process at all.
Will I survive in this company?
Time will tell......

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Can't believe that I'm finally graduated with a degree.
Extremely thankful to have my loved one there
to celebrate this special occasion with me.
Such a blessing to have them in my life.

Mini Family at Jabil
Good friends
USM Gang

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Career Path

I do not know what to feel right now..
My internship program gonna end in less than a month from now.
Was given the opportunity to stay.
One of the main reasons I choose to stay is because of my manager who is like a father-figure to me.
And also my colleagues who treat me like their daughter..
They make me feel so comfortable there.

But things have changed now.
A new opportunity is given.
A shortcut to achievement.
A new environment.
A new teammates.
New managers... 
Yes, managers with a "S"
Can i handle the new challenges?
I do not know.
I'm lost.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Internship in J

Greetings from the awesome Piggy Ping!!
How's everyone?
Good? Okay? Great?
(Ooops! I sudah lupa that I do not have avid blog fans anymore)
Never mind. Let me write this just like a diary!

Today, I want to talk about my internship in an EMS company.
It's been three months since i started my internship.
I remembered attending the interview session last year
during my preparation for L'Oreal Brandstorm 2013.
Schedule was tight, time was limited and I feel so tensed up.
I do not know what to prepare for the interview.
I was thinking,
"I sudah attend so many interviews before. All also get! takut apa?"
(Overconfident perhaps?)

Guess what?
I was bombarded with so many tough questions until I was speechless.
It was one of the toughest job interview I had so far.
And i was like....... DIE ALREADY LA!!
Will I get the offer to be an intern there?
At the same time, I was quite confident as well.
"He's keen to hire me la since he bombarded me with so many question"
Hahahaha! Mixed feeling obviously!

Second round interview by Business Unit Director.
No questions were thrown on me.
He basically explained what we have to do there.
Wah! Chances are high now!

And i got another offer from another company.
DILEMMA!! Which offer should I accept?
P or J?
Both are competitors!
In the end, i decided to go for J and I have never regret doing so!!

I am soooooooooo grateful to be where I am right now.
My manager is a very capable leader who never stop giving me valuable advice.
He even prepare me a personal progress tracker to ensure
I am able to learn a lot during my six months here.
He also can siau-siau with me and my colleagues.
Honestly, I am very impress with his capabilities.
He is also like a father figure to me.
Sometimes, things weren't going according to the plan.
He did not panic or freak out.
Instead, he calmly figure out a way to settle the issues.
(no wonder his white hair is getting more! hahaha!!)

And my awesome colleagues. I only have two for my team in my department.
(FYI, our company uses workcell design)
Both of them have been guiding me throughout my three months there.

As you know, I am a SLOW learner.
I lack the capacity to absorb information fast! haha!
And both of them have been very patient in coaching me.
They never throw tantrum at me.
They never scold me when I made mistakes.
They never push me away when I needed help.
They even treat me like their own family.
Where to find such a good team to work with?!!

My own cubicle 

I want to thank Him for giving me this opportunity and made me who I am today.
If I am still the "me" 10 years ago,
I will never get the chance to experience all these.
Of course I thank my family and friends who have been very supportive.
And also my high school teachers!
I believe my life has changed drastically since I became a counselor in Form3.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last Paper in USM

Will be having my very last paper in USM within these few days.
And we do not know what to study!
Trolled by lecturer perhaps.

Anyway, A girl just passed away in a car accident few days ago.
I do not know her and vice-versa
but she's very popular among my friends.
I feel sad about her death..
Her smile is so beautiful
I hope she rest in peace in Heaven.
Good night!